rivr 1.2-3

This patch release modifies the vignettes to produce images in PNG rather than SVG format. SVG support is optional in R and thus not suitable for use in when generating package vignettes.

rivr 1.2-2

This patch release modifies internal behavior to handle an upcoming change to R 4.0.0, which makes data.frame() and read.table() use a stringsAsFactors = FALSE default. See https://developer.r-project.org/Blog/public/2020/02/16/stringsasfactors/index.html for more information about this change.

rivr 1.2-1

This patch release recompiles the C++ code in response to updates to package Rcpp in order to generate new binaries on CRAN.

rivr 1.2

This minor version update adds new documentation.

rivr 1.0

This major version update defines an S3 class for rivr and methods for printing, summarizing and plotting results of gradually-varied and unsteady flow simulations. A technical vignette has also been added that provides nitty-gritty details on the derivations and numerical schemes used in the package.

rivr 0.9.2

This minor version update improves error messages and clarifies some of the documentation.

rivr 0.9.1

This package is on CRAN now! The binaries should be available soon, but if you get an error try install.packages("rivr", type = "source").