Guidelines for developers and maintainer

Daniel Sabanes Bove


Please note that this guideline is no longer up to date and will be revised shortly with the upcoming new CRAN release of the package.

crmPack Development workflow (all developers)

  1. Pull changes from github before starting to work
  2. As you make a change in functionality (either a bugfix or a new feature), please update the file accordingly (otherwise it is usually forgotten at the end)
  3. Run R CMD check locally
  4. Frequently push changes to github after finishing pieces of work, using informative comments.

crmPack Release workflow (maintainer)

  1. Increment version number in DESCRIPTION file to “x.y.z”” format (was „x.y.z.w” before for development, or “x.y.z-1” if submitted to CRAN and came back with comments)
  2. Consider updating README.Rmd.
    • If yes, after updating, need to knit the document (e.g. via pressing the button in RStudio) to create an updated file
  3. Consider updating the vignette (in vignettes/example.Rnw), especially if new features have been introduced in this release.
    • If yes, can be checked by “Compile PDF” button in RStudio before the package build
  4. Regenerate the documentation and NAMESPACE files with Roxygen2:
    • In RStudio, click in the right-hand upper panel: Build -> More -> Document
  5. Build the package and check it:
  1. If this release is for CRAN, then submit the package to CRAN:
  1. Generate website:
  1. Create a tag for this release:
  1. Go back to development mode: