The R package SAFARI (Shape Analysis for AI-Reconstructed Images) provides functions for reading, preprocessing, segmenting ROI, and extracting shape-based features in AI-reconstructed images.


SAFARI is an R package that consists of a collection of functions for image processing and shape analysis. The available functions allow users to segment regions of interest and extract quantitative shape descriptors in AI-reconstructed images, especially those produced from medical imaging modalities.


The latest version of the package is under development at GitHub. One may install it by

## install.packages("devtools")


This package requires the use of EBImage from the Bioconductor project. One must install this package by

## install.packages("BiocManager")

Get Started

Examples are provided for the main functions. One may get started from those examples and the function documentation. We also provide a command-line tool for applications in the terminal.

?read.image           # read and preprocess reconstructed image
?binary.segmentation  # segmentation procedure
?compute.features     # feature extraction for an individual ROI
?rc.plot              # visualize binary or segmented images


GNU General Public License (≥ 3)