GGIR documentation is openly available for users in several places:

  • This dedicated website containing instructions to install, get started, and specific documentation on the GGIR pipeline and functionalities.

  • Vignettes available on CRAN, containing an overview of GGIR and dedicated vignettes for some specific functionalities.

  • The GGIR configuration parameters vignette explains each of the parameters that can be used in GGIR and how to use them.

  • The GGIR function documentation, to which you can get access to directly from R:


0.1 Question and problems

For general questions and issues please visit the GGIR google group and create a new thread.

However, if you are familiar with GitHub, you are also welcome to report your issue via the GitHub issue tracker.

Note that support in these places is based on voluntary efforts and we encourage you to try and help other users with questions.

Questions are valuable as they help us understand the challenges you run into and they occasionally help us to identify a bug in the code. To make this practical, please AVOID sending your questions through personal messages. Instead, post them on public platforms. This approach allows others to benefit from the discussions, minimises the need for us to respond to the same inquiries repeatedly, enhances the likelihood that others can answer your questions when we’re unavailable, and acknowledges the volunteer effort invested in responding to queries.

0.2 Commercial training services

Accelting provides online training options for using GGIR, please find out more on the website. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via:

At the moment, the available training services are:

  • The GGIR standard training, aimed at training you in both the hands-on use and understanding of GGIR’s key functionalities and algorithms for common use-cases.

  • The R essentials for GGIR, designed to train you in the basic R skills needed for using GGIR. Also of interest may be the brief and free R introduction tutorial.

  • The Private training in GGIR, dedicated to teach you how to use GGIR with a strong focus on the aspects relevant to you and your research projects.

  • The Extra GGIR support session, a single session aimed at answering specific questions or addressing the challenges you may run into.

0.3 Dedicated support

If you need dedicated support with the use of GGIR, want GGIR to be modified or enhanced to your needs, then please contact Vincent van Hees.