0.2 Install GGIR

Install the latest released version of GGIR with its dependencies from CRAN. You can do this with one command from the R command line:

install.packages("GGIR", dependencies = TRUE)

Alternatively, you can install the latest development version, which might include additional bug fixes and functionalities. To get the development version, please use:

install.packages("remotes", dependencies = TRUE)
remotes::install_github("wadpac/GGIR", dependencies = TRUE)

0.3 Other packages you may need

Additionally, in some use-cases you will need to install one or multiple additional packages. Note that these packages are not installed by default, so please follow the instructions if:

  • You want to derive Neishabouricounts (with do.neishabouricounts = TRUE), install the actilifecounts package with install.packages("actilifecounts")
  • You want to process Sensewear xlsx files (with dataFormat = "sensewear"), install the readxl package with install.packages("readxl")