‘FuzzyM’ package contains functions for matrix based computations of the Fuzzy Cognitive Map application to solve decision making problems, modeling and simulating complex systems. Package consists of R scripts each of one containing sets of functions in order to compute system parameters and reverse task solution of the fuzzy map.


To see an ‘FuzzyM’ package in action follow the instructions in the README and see the examples in the “examles” folder.


You can install the released version of FuzzyM by:

# install.packages("devtools")


The example usage of the eigen_module function is as follows:

eigen_module(matrix) # the function has a matrix as an argument and returns an eigen module of the matrix

The example usage of the einstein_product_tnorm function is as follows:

``` r library(FuzzyM) einstein_product_tnorm(element1, element2, gammaTnormMean, algaTnorm, gammaTnorm, piTnorm) # the function has elements and t-norms as arguments and returns the t-norm based on Einstein product