EMpeaksR 0.3.1

We have fixed a bug in that unintended plots were output in show_pvmm_lback_curve().

EMpeaksR 0.3.0

In version 0.3.0, the pseudo-Voigt mixture model with a linear background model is available for peak fitting. This model enables background subtraction and peak fitting in the one-shot calculation. As the linear background is generally used in spectroscopy, the applicability of EMpeaksR packages is further expanded.

EMpeaksR 0.2.0

In version 0.2.0, the following models are available for peak fitting: (1) Lorentz mixture model, (2) pseudo-Voigt mixture model, (3) Doniach-Sunjic-Gauss mixture model. As these models are generally used in spectroscopy, applicability of EMpeaksR packages is expanded.

EMpeaksR 0.1.0

This is new release.