R-devel build for Windows

Download R-Devel build for Windows (82 megabytes, 64 bit)

This build requires UCRT, which is part of Windows since Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. On older systems, UCRT has to be installed manually from here.

If you want to double-check that the package you have downloaded matches the package distributed by CRAN, you can compare the md5sum of the .exe to the fingerprint on the master server.

This is a Windows 64 bit binary build of the 2024-06-15 r86749 development snapshot of R (which will eventually become R-4.5.0).

This is a development version of R. It likely contains bugs, so be careful if you use it. Please don't report bugs in this version through the usual R bug reporting system, please report them on the r-devel mailing list---but only if they persist for a few days.

Frequently asked questions

Please see the R FAQ for general information about R and the R Windows FAQ for Windows-specific information.

Other builds

Last build: 2024-06-15